• Exclusive Focus on Property Management

Exclusive Focus on Property Management

Because RFPM neither sells nor rents property, we will not try to cross-sell other services to you. Also, we have no conflicts of interest in relation to the choice of contractors by the OMC as we do not operate other services such as cleaning, grounds maintenance etc. This is not the case with other Managing Agent companies and this can lead to extra and hidden costs to owners’ management companies.

Future Proofing

The vast majority of apartment developments in Dublin were built between 1995 and 2008 and as such, many are starting to show their age. RFPM understand the importance of implementing adequate planned preventative maintenance (PPM) programmes to ensure that the building is proactively maintained in a way that will minimise service charge levies or spending from the development sinking fund.

With new development having begun again in Dublin since 2014, RFPM recognises that it is of vital importance to ‘older’ developments that capital and rental values are bolstered through upgrade works and projects. See Case Studies for a selection of recent projects undertaken by RFPM in conjunction with OMCs we manage.

Doing on-site upgrade projects and ensuring an adequate Sinking Fund to meet future development improvements and ensuring that there is adequate funds in place to meet future large-scale capital costs (i.e. lift replacement, roofing projects) are only possible where the agent, on behalf of the OMC has adopted a prudent approach to budgeting and cost management. It is crucial that your OMC builds a sinking fund to act as a safety net for big ticket items such as this.


24-7-365 Service

Whether you have a week-end leak or a late night lock-out, you may need assistance outside of normal office hours. Our large portfolio of residential developments property means that all of our developments benefit from our on-call, 24/7 service, all year round. This service can access plumbers, electricians or other contractors if you have an urgent issue and increases your peace of mind as a property owner.


Attention to Detail

It is our strong view that managing your development needs regular on-site inspections by us, and direct supervision of contractors. As such, we visit on site more frequently than most other Managing Agents. Most developments are inspected weekly and sometimes are visited more frequently. These visits are by our Property Managers. We do not delegate this important work to caretakers and janitorial staff.

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