• Professional Team

Professional Team

Central to the quality of the service we offer you is the expertise and experience of our team. We encourage you to separately visit the section of our website relating to our team members.

The word ‘team’ is important to our service model. Most Managing Agents allocate all aspects of managing a residential development to one person, sometimes a junior person. We fundamentally disagree with this approach. For every OMC with which we work, RFPM assigns a Property Manager for the day to day site management and a Financial Director to oversee budgeting and financial management. In addition, the director of RFPM who oversees RFPM Property Managers will be on site regularly. These elements are backed up by a Service Charge Collection Team. This means a range of professionals are working with every development and we can quickly bring the expertise required to address any issue that arises. For information on our team, please click here

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